Switching over

Before I was a YW leader I was involved in Cub Scouts instead of having 2 blogs I am combining them I will now be posting everything to www.imacubmasterwhatnow.blogspot.com


May Newsletter

This is our newsletter for the month; we hang one in the YW room on our bulletin board and post it on facebook as well.  The last Presidency started a private group facebook page and it has been a really useful tool at getting out information.  What has helped the most, I think, is not only were the YW invited to join but also their mom's.  Now mom's are in the loop and know what, where and when even if the girls forget to tell them.

I would like to give credit where it is due this design was inspired by an invitation I saw on Smilebox.  I can't remember the name of it invite but I used elements from it to create the background for this newsletter.


How to make a bonnet pattern

This week for our YW activity we went walking; we only have 6 more Tuesday's until we leave for our pioneer trek, and the weather was finally nice-ish, so we all strapped on our hiking shoes and walked a little over a mile.  Our little pioneer children did not sing as they walked however... we ate as we walked!!  Nothing like ice cream to get the girls to come to a less than exciting activity.

Because our activity wasn't to exciting I will post a photo tutorial on how to create a bonnet pattern.  Our Amazing Relief Society sisters had an Enrichment activity last month dedicated to helping the youth get ready for our Trek; there were about 7 ladies with sewing machines and they helped the girls make their skirts and bonnets!!

First gather your materials: 

- Large piece of paper; it could be 
  tissue paper, freezer paper, I used  
  some old wrapping paper

- Scissors

- Pencil or Sharpie/marker or Both

- Ruler: a quilting ruler works very well
  but any ruler works

- Measuring tape.

This is a 2 piece pattern, the first piece is the crown. 

Now the second piece of the pattern, the Brim.

** If you wanted you could fold the paper you are using to make the pattern for the brim in half. Use the fold and draw the 5-1/4" long line AC right along it (step 2); after you have finished creating the pattern, cut it out, and unfold; wha-la you have one long piece.  Then you would only need to cut one from your folded fabric and one from interfacing.

You will need :
1/4" elastic
Single fold bias tape




Handout 16 Personal Progress

by our Beehive Advisor

stay on
of your

The handouts have been a big success!  This week we forgot to hand them out and the girls asked asked about them after they had cleaned up the chairs.  We have also been delivering the handouts to girls who haven't been able to attend or are inactive to let them know we missed them.


Stake Activity

Our Stake is participating in a trek this year.  This past Tuesday we had a stake activity about Ephraim K Hanks  It was awesome!  For anyone reading this who doesn't know who he was you can read all about him, by clicking on his name. 

We are lucky enough to live where Ephraim Hanks was buried; the activity was held on a hill looking over the cemetery.  The day of the activity was SO cold and it had been snowing all day!  For most of the wards the burial site is an hour away, we were pleasantly surprised to see that it had not been snowing where the activity was being held.  It was still cold and the wind was blowing, but that just adds to the pioneer experience I suppose.

 For the activity we went on a short hike to the cemetery; a color guard of local veterans stood guard at the grave site, and preformed a flag ceremony (Which was really cool!  The bugle player was amazing).  Next a member of our Stake Presidency told a few stories from the Martin Company and explained some of the rules and what to expect.  Then we had the pleasure of Ephriam Hanks making an appearance; he told the youth his story, and shared some buffalo jerky with us.  Everyone was given an opportunity to walk past and look at his headstone, his 4th wife Thisbe Quilley Read Hanks is buried next to him.  After we hiked back to our original meeting spot we enjoyed hot scones courtesy of the stake young men and young women's presidencies.  It was a great activity, our young women really enjoyed it.