Emergancy Personal Progress handout

Our goal this year as a presidency was to get the girls re-interested in Personal Progress.  We got called in August 2012, and the previous President said the girls were struggling with Personal Progress.  We decided to give them a reminder handout each Sunday.  With 7 leaders taking turns this should be a project that won't over burden us.  This handout is just in the closet for emergencies in case one of us forgets when it is our turn.  It is a mouse trap (obviously) with magnets on the back, so it can be used in a locker to hold pictures, papers or what ever.  The mouse says, "Don't fall in the the 'I'm to busy trap' work on your Personal Progress today!" If I could do it over I would change it to "Don't get caught in the I'm to busy trap..."

We have also made sure to change the wording on a few of them for the girls who have earned their award and are working on earning a Honey Bee.