How to make a bonnet pattern

This week for our YW activity we went walking; we only have 6 more Tuesday's until we leave for our pioneer trek, and the weather was finally nice-ish, so we all strapped on our hiking shoes and walked a little over a mile.  Our little pioneer children did not sing as they walked however... we ate as we walked!!  Nothing like ice cream to get the girls to come to a less than exciting activity.

Because our activity wasn't to exciting I will post a photo tutorial on how to create a bonnet pattern.  Our Amazing Relief Society sisters had an Enrichment activity last month dedicated to helping the youth get ready for our Trek; there were about 7 ladies with sewing machines and they helped the girls make their skirts and bonnets!!

First gather your materials: 

- Large piece of paper; it could be 
  tissue paper, freezer paper, I used  
  some old wrapping paper

- Scissors

- Pencil or Sharpie/marker or Both

- Ruler: a quilting ruler works very well
  but any ruler works

- Measuring tape.

This is a 2 piece pattern, the first piece is the crown. 

Now the second piece of the pattern, the Brim.

** If you wanted you could fold the paper you are using to make the pattern for the brim in half. Use the fold and draw the 5-1/4" long line AC right along it (step 2); after you have finished creating the pattern, cut it out, and unfold; wha-la you have one long piece.  Then you would only need to cut one from your folded fabric and one from interfacing.

You will need :
1/4" elastic
Single fold bias tape