Handout 1 Personal Progress

We made these for New Beginnings.  They are made from an 'Ask Zola' game found at a Dollar Tree store.  It was sort of like a magic 8 ball, you ask a question, push the button and a light bulbs near each of 6 answers lights up randomly.  It was pretty easy to make, just took some time; first measure the toy (about credit card size), created a new image in photoshop with the same dimensions, and scanned the top of the toy with your scanner and paste it onto the image.  Then make a new cover on top of the scanned one to make sure everything lines up correctly, print it onto sticker paper, cut it out and stick it on.  Now the girls can push the button and see what day of the week they need to set aside 35 minutes to work on Personal Progress.  We figured if you work on Personal Progress about 35 minutes each week you can complete it and earn your award in 4 years. 

Here's the math...
1 hour per value experience + 10 hours per value project X the first 7 values = 112 hours
now + 1 hour per Virtue value experience = 116hours
Total hours= 116 hours which = 6960 minutes
Now there are 52 weeks in a year X 4 years = 208 weeks
Divide 9615 minutes by 208 weeks and you get 33.46 minutes
(If you wanted to calculate time to read the Book of Mormon at lets say 5 minutes a page that would add about 44 hours and add 10 minutes per week to the schedule)

We challenged our girls to work on PP 35 minutes a week and read 2 pages of the Book of Mormon each day.  If they started the Book of Mormon on Jan 6 2013 they would be finished by Sept 24 2013.  If they chose to only read one page a day the will finish about June 15, 2014.

The "Why PP might be the most important thing you choose to do as a teenager" came from a talk we used for New Beginnings.  We found it in the November 2006 New Era called, 'Five Reasons to love Personal Progress'

The quote from Gordon B Hinkley is also found in the article above.