Week 11- Stake Conference

This week we didn't make a handout because it was Stake Conference, so I will just post a picture of our bulletin board.  The idea from a blog called Burlap & Denim, this bulletin board isn't on that blog just the name "Burlap and Denim" got us thinking.  I had a roll of burlap I had used for my Thanksgiving table cloth, and we dug through DI bags and found some old jeans. 

The poster of this years theme "STAND YE IN HOLY PLACES" was purchased from Real Heros Posters , We also used the Value posters from this site at our New Beginnings program.

It was really easy to create, SUPER cheap and versatile!  We change the newsletter, as well as the name of the month and put different items in the pockets.  The ribbon has changed into a string of flag pennants for the month of April and the picture of the temple changes every month.